Our first trip with “S.V. ICEBOUND”

We took over  the vessel “S.V. ICEBOUND”  on the 1st. of October 2013.  My buddy Earl was retired and I was still 100 % active in my business.  We took her out for a overnighter to the other side of Quadra Island and stayed at Rebecca Spit.   We found out some  stuff we need to repair or replace. One thing of it was the very old Eberspaecher diesel heater, but that was not on top of our repair and replace list.

But like every time you buy a older boat, you see that some parts need to be replaced and thats was  here the same. But there where nearly new sails, a new Yanmar engine with 180 hours on.  Some professionals mentioned that this Saturna Pilothouse was one of the finest exemplars they have seen. The hull, the underwater, the prop, the shaft everything is in a great condition and the last owner spend lots of money and time to keep the boat in great shape.  The mast needs some attention, but is only the paint who needs to be replaced in the coming years. We need to  buy over the winter some safety- and other  items  that makes the living on board more easy and that we have some comfort we don’t want to give up.  But that story in a another blog.


“S.V. ICEBOUND” on the hook in Rebecca Spit Provincial Park

We had a great sail but then the wind giving  up,  and we needed to used the engine to bring the boat  to Rebecca Spit.

We enjoyed a great dinner from the BBQ and had a couple of drinks and we was early in the sleeping bags.


Sunset at Rebecca Spit   Provincial Marine Park in BC

The other morning we enjoyed another great sunny day in October and  slowly in the later morning hours we took the trip back to April Point Marina.

The ride up the Discovery Channel was a hell of  ride.  The wind was gone but the current with over 4 to 5 knots put us in the upper 9 to 11 knots traveling speed under engine over ground.  We made the trip in a record time up the Channel and safely moored the vessel at the April Point Marina in the early afternoon.


“ICEBOUND” back at the Marina


Far from the Home Port    Whitehorse Yukon  Canada

In the two season 2014 / 2015  many people came to us to ask how long we are under way from Yukon down to Vancouver Island.  So we told the them story how the Home Port on the  “S.V. ICEBOUND” is Whitehorse in the Yukon.   We both it from the couple they owned the vessel over a long time and they lived at the time the both the vessel in the Yukon and decided that there Home Port will be  Whitehorse. They sailed the boat in Southern Alaska and made long trips all over the places.

We agreed to keep the Name and the Home port and so we have always something to chat with other sailors.


This was the last scenery a day before we left for home

On the next blog I write over the trips we made in 2014

Please don’t lecture me to much over my writings skill,  but I try to improve over the next couple of months.







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