Sail NorthBlog

This is the story and adventures of 2 old guy’s on board of the sailboat “S.V. ICEBOUND” exploring the West coast of British Columbia Canada and the Southern part of Alaska and hopefully the Aleuts.

S.V. Icebound is a 33 feed Saturna Pilothouse and  she takes us to different places in the Northern part of Vancouver Island, Desolation Sound and further North to the Broughton Islands. Up the Prince Rupert, crossing over to Southern Alaska and explore the magic scenery there.

In the coming years we will spend every summer season 2 to 4 month on the boat and  write and document  (videos and blogs) how tow old  guy’s  60 plus  handle and enjoy the different adventures that lay before us.


Saturn 33 Pilot house   “S.V. ICEBOUND”

You can experience  a unique travel adventure on board of “S.V. ICEBOUND ” .   

Experience the  life on a sailing boat, explore mystic places along the coast of British Columbia,  visit enchanting coves and inlets, small bays and gunk holes where you anchor the boat for one night or longer.

Come on a hike with us, and see new scenery  every day.

Feel the wind in the hair, sometimes there is to much of them around and you and the boat are hiding in a small secure cove or  anchor along a small bay on the hook with stern tied to the trees or a big rock.  But always the nature is around you and the peaceful time takes hold of you and you feel more calm and happy.

Please be kind with me and my writing style, especially the grammar and i hope in the near future I will improve in my writing skills.  English is my 2nd or 3rd language I learned in my life.









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