Our Boat ” S.V. ICEBOUND “

The Saturna 33 Pilothouse is a Bill Garden design and was produced here in Vancouver Island BC. in the early  1980 .

  • The Hull type is a fin keel  with a rudder on a keg.  Very sturdy and great protection
  • The Rig type is a Masthead Sloop
  • LOA is 33 feet
  • LWL is 26.75 feet
  • Beam is 10.67 feet
  • Sail ft2 is 503
  • Draft is 5.5 feet
  • Displacement is 13500 lbs
  • Ballast is 5000 lbs


“S.V.  ICEBOUND” IMG_0247.jpg

This sailing vessel handles great in any kind of conditions and keeps you dry in any weather.  She moves quickly on the rudder and with the high beam she carves true the waves like a knife true butter.

The vessel can be handled easily by one person for day sailing, but for longer  trips 2 people are all what it needs.

The layout of the boat is simple  3 people can stay on the boat for a longer time, but ideal is with 2 people.


Inside steering station with navigation desk


Light and airy feeling inside of the cabin. Port side  u -sofa with table


Galley with sink, icebox and 3 burner cooktop and oven.


U shaped  sofa with dinning table.  Great view true the windows, you see what’s going on around the boat.  Very nice and you don’t sit down in the cellar and only have little windows.  Ok, when you go offshore  sailing in rough conditions  you need to put storm windows on the outside and the front of the cabin.

Like I said in the first blog,  we are two old guy’s  who like to have some adventure in our old age.  Now I introduce the main players in this adventure.


This is my Buddy Earl and we together both the boat.  He never before was on a sailing boat or on the ocean in a small vessel. But he is ok and he likes the travel speed and the closeness to nature.

On t he trips we have done in the past 2 ½ years, he has shown the will to learn and he likes the sailing life.  His focus lays on  the nature, the wildlife and how the boat handles. He takes great photo shots and he likes my cooking.


That’s me, I was longing a long time  to be back on the ocean and restart sailing.  I grew up in Europe, and in my early adult years i learned  sailing. Sailing took me to the Mediterranean  Sea,  and later out to the Atlantic ocean.  But like lots of young people the work and the career  took a toll on this pleasure and so sailing was not on top of my list. Later in the early 30this I left  Europe for Canada and now I’m retired and like to regain the love of sailing and the love of the ocean.

I hope we will find mostly fair wind and  a gentle following sea




On the next blog the story will take you to our first trip to the Desolation Sound and beyond.


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