The Marina at Quadra Island BC

We have our boat  ” S.V  ICEBOUND “ at the April Point  Marina on Quadra Island. This small marina has boats  all year from all over the world  Europe, Mexico, US and for all locals  from Vancouver Island and the Mainland on the mooring. There are some live on boards in the Marina so you know there is always someone looking  out for your boat too.

In the summer months lots of big mega yachts stay for a couple of days in the marina and is nice to see some of well know faces  mingle with the normal folks here in the marina and at the April Point  Resort and Restaurant.

The Marina is in a idyllic location, secure from all winds and waves and there is a lot of wild life you can take in. Bald eagles  swoop down and catch fish, or you see the seals playing in the water and when you are lucky you can see a see otter sun bathing at the rocks  on the shore.


Trawlers, Motor yachts small and large and Sailboats all sizes are moored here.



On the Wharf are power and water




Idyllic morning  setting with the sun low on the eastern horizon.

Larry the Marine Master welcomes you and your guest,  he is there for all your questions and he will  make sure you have a great time and fun  staying here at the marina.

He can arrange mostly everything, from a day salmon fishing with a guide, no problem he knows the right guy, like a bike ride or a moped ride  no problem the resort 5 min. walk away has all the toys you like.  Like to go whale watching,  same here the whale watching boat picks you up at the wharf next to your mooring.  You like to go for a hike or a long walk. Same here Quadra Island is the place to spend a couple of days or a week.  You like to have a great coffee, beer or a glass of wine, no problem here either. You will find small cafes, bistros and small restaurants.


Light house “Cape Mudge” on the shores of the Discovery Channel




Enjoy a great walk, hike or bike on of the many trails all over Quadra Island


Hike along the shore on gravel beach   around Cape Mudge.



Enjoy the sun on one of the many driftwood  and take a rest and enjoy the scenery.


When you visit Campbell River the “Salmon Capital of Canada” then take time and make the short Ferry ride over to Quadra Island and spend a day or two on this magic Island. When you come on your own keel uspend a couple of days exploring the area and enjoy what the region has to offer.

Live is to short to run all the time and miss what is really important.
























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